One of the most common problem of the BMW S65 engine – issue with VANOS plastic covers. You can find this issue on different stages: when the covers are just start cracked and slide off the VANOS units, or when the covers have dropped off already. The second way is the worst and you have very high risk of engine destroy, since plastic pieces start spreading overall the engine and clogging the oil system.

BMW doesn’t offer any replacement covers and sells complete VANOS units only (about $4.000 for 4 units).

VANOS covers designed for keeping VANOS springs on their places, so, you can not simply delete them! (With deleted covers you will have springs goes out after some time of use).

We have developed our unique pieces which replaces original BMW covers. Our parts made from high-strength aluminum and completely eliminates this issue in the future.

The unique advantage of our solution lies in simple installation – our covers have clips so they are fastened like OEM parts. You DO NOT NEED an expensive procedure for removing and installing VANOS units and resetting the valve timing with special tool.

Installation does not require any special skills and takes min time. Replacement procedure similar to replacing the valve cover gaskets and takes an additional 5-10 minutes when covers removed.

6 responses to “BMW S65 VANOS COVERS KIT”

  1. franck Avatar

    Can we still order the vanos S65 covers?


    1. dr1fta Avatar

      Hi, please check your email for order.


  2. AS ImmoCars GmbH Avatar

    I’m interested in those Covers.
    Are you shipping to switzerland?


    1. dr1fta Avatar

      Hi. Please check you email.


  3. mchus Avatar

    Hi, everyone. Who interested in order may use this form to request all details:


  4. Kenneth Cherisol Avatar

    Where can I get a set of these covers?


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