The Group Buy of the Slon-Workshop DCT oil pan was a success. I have it in-hand.

dogbone from

Got around to install today. Not many people will appreciate work of art, but pictures below. thanks again Slonik!

Chuck’s M3 from

After 3 days on track with it, I have had no mis-shifts. This includes a solid day of driving at Buttonwillow where I’ve been having constant issues.

dogbone from (after installation)

I have this kit as well, using stock sized PFC rotors, no issues with the calipers or brackets at all. I’m on a quest for more initial bite but I believe is a matter of finding the right pads for my needs. Other than the delivery wait, there was no issues with my order, SlonikПродолжить чтение «ricardofors68 from»

ricardofors68 from

Truly tried to melt them down yesterday. We drove our track without the normal chicane in the front straight. 20+ minutes of riding the antilocks 150 -> 65 on NT01Rs and no fade at all. My experience with their performance with DSUno pads is excellent. Today I swapped out a set of Ferodo 2500 forПродолжить чтение «Visceral from»

Visceral from

I wanted to give a shout out to Slonik (Mikael) for getting my new BBK out to me so quickly. Took less than a week from Russia! Thank you my friend!

buddalun from

Congrats on all the new purchases. This is a great product, many track days with it. Would highly recommend purchasing if you want to improve reliability or already encounter pressure loss issues like I did. Source:

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