We like to drive fast and often encounter imperfections in the factory assemblies of the car, an attempt by producers to save money, to find a balance between the result and the cost.


First of all, we always determine the problem, and then we come up and create a detail that will solve the problem as effectively as possible, with a minimum weight and of course technically beautiful.
Our parts and solutions are tested in different conditions – both on the roads and on the racing tracks.

But most importantly, we are going through the most serious test – our own self-criticism. We constantly analyze all our works and look for shortcomings, so even the tiniest details are not left without attention and will be upgraded and improved.


Today we have full cycle production in one place:

  • Own RND office
  • High precision CNC machine from HAAS
  • Carbon and fiberglass production
  • Motorsport preparation workshop
  • Large warehouse of parts.

Our team consists of excellent specialists, professionals in their field, who are able to solve a wide variety of tasks in the shortest possible time.


In our arsenal there is a sufficient number of well-proven solutions for brake systems, suspension components, transmission parts, cooling system, as well as much more.

In addition to ready-made solutions, we are happy to develop the custom solution for solving your specific task.

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