The Group Buy of the Slon-Workshop DCT oil pan was a success. I have it in-hand.

dogbone from m3post.com

Got around to install today. Not many people will appreciate work of art, but pictures below. thanks again Slonik!

Chuck’s M3 from m3post.com

After 3 days on track with it, I have had no mis-shifts. This includes a solid day of driving at Buttonwillow where I’ve been having constant issues.

dogbone from m3post.com (after installation)

I have this kit as well, using stock sized PFC rotors, no issues with the calipers or brackets at all. I’m on a quest for more initial bite but I believe is a matter of finding the right pads for my needs. Other than the delivery wait, there was no issues with my order, Slonik […]

ricardofors68 from m3post.com

Truly tried to melt them down yesterday. We drove our track without the normal chicane in the front straight. 20+ minutes of riding the antilocks 150 -> 65 on NT01Rs and no fade at all. My experience with their performance with DSUno pads is excellent. Today I swapped out a set of Ferodo 2500 for […]

Visceral from m3post.com

I wanted to give a shout out to Slonik (Mikael) for getting my new BBK out to me so quickly. Took less than a week from Russia! Thank you my friend!

buddalun from m3post.com

Congrats on all the new purchases. This is a great product, many track days with it. Would highly recommend purchasing if you want to improve reliability or already encounter pressure loss issues like I did. Source: https://www.m3post.com/forums/showpost.php?p=24154023&postcount=382

kpewpew from m3post.com


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