dogbone from (after installation)

After 3 days on track with it, I have had no mis-shifts. This includes a solid day of driving at Buttonwillow where I’ve been having constant issues.

I know the pan is not cheap, but the way I see it is that, prior to installing the Slon-Workshop pan, the DCT was mis-shifting/auto-shifting/double-upshfting with high-grip new tires on the car. Throwing away the best laps of new Pirelli DH because the DCT is suffering from starvation is an expensive and frustrating fail. (This issue cost me a 1:46 at Buttonwillow…..very very frustrating….) Solving the starvation problem was a high priority for me.

As far as I’m concerned, my shifting issues are solved with the Slon-Workshop. You would not believe how happy I am to say that.


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