Body parts

We manufacture and supply high quality carbon fiber components and products.
Combining a unique experience in composite materials, structural design and craftsmanship, with state of the art facilities.

All carbon fiber parts and products are manufactured with high quality epoxy resins.

Brake systems

Slon-Workshop produce performance brake system based on Brembo parts. Our solutions is a well-proven options for street use and track – days.

We produce CNC machined lightweight aluminum brackets, rotor hats , floating rotors and more.

Drivetrain components

This drivetrain components are widley known all over the world.
Slon-Workshop DCT oil pan Kit CNC machined from billet aircraft aluminum opened up with extremely positive reviews. Our proficiency will make it possible to implement highly complex projects using state-of-the-art technologies.

Suspension parts

Our solutions are best in class option for street and track use. Safety and comfort are guaranteed with our suspension parts.

Only heavy-duty rubber and high-quality metal are used during the whole process.

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