Big Brake Kit

Big Brake Kit Features and Benefits

  • Only brand new components
  • Pads length – 190 mm. To understand calipers size you can compare it for example with most 6 pot calipers on the market, which are smaller and have only maximum 152mm long pads.
  • Caliper weight is only 3.3 kg after modification done. Bracket – 350 gr. (a typical aluminum bracket weighs 600-700 gr., and steel one is even more!)
  • Caliper uses very common brake pads, so any pad height can be chosen for the best setup. You can take smaller height pads of 47mm or 57mm for 2 piece lightweight rotors like used in the kits; 65mm pads for excellent fit on OEM m3 floating rotors can also be used; 76mm pads for widest rotors like 380mm rotors from f8x series can be taken too.
  • Pads can be changed without removing a caliper – only a center pin needs to be removed.
  • Calipers have dust boots, so they work excellently for an everyday use.
  • Overall pistons area very similar to most of OEM setups, so there are no problems when fitting them.


Kits for following models are available in stock

BMW series f2x, f3x, e8x, e9x – non M

Options of using BBK

  • 360 mm OEM 1m/m3 floating rotors (suitable for most 18 inch wheels)
  • 380 mm OEM floating rotor from f8x series (suitable for most 19 inch wheels or special 18 rim models, like apex ec-7 for example)
  • 380 mm x 34 (made by slon_workshop similar to Brembo GT). Better performance, greater cooling, lighter. Our rotors is fully interchangeable with Brembo kit rotors, so Brembo rotors can be used in our kits and vice versa.

You can start from 360 mm OEM rotor and grow it to max performance easily. Just ask us about that option and we will provide special adapters.

BMW e82 1m, e92 M3

Options of using BBK

  • 360 mm OEM 1m/m3 floating rotors. These rotors work best with a good caliper. Add it and enjoy it.
  • 380 mm OEM floating rotor from f8x series. Better performance with OEM solutions
  • 380 mm x 34 (made by slon_workshop similar to Brembo GT). Maximum performance

BMW E87 M2, M80 M3, M82 M4

Options of using BBK 

  • 380 mm OEM floating rotor from f8x series. Good rotors but need a good caliper for the best results.
  • 380 mm x 34 (made by slon_workshop similar to Brembo GT). Maximum performance.

 Basic kit

Basic kit includes:

  • Pair of new calipers (in any color you choose)
  • Pair of lightweight brackets made from aircraft aluminum and anodized in black.
  • Pair of braided brake hoses (Goodridge components).
  • Optional titanium backplates. This backplates are for those, who use their cars in extreme conditions. This option is highly recommended on very powerful and heavy cars, like BMW f8x used on racetracks.

With this titanium plates dust boots will live longer in extreme conditions.

 Why the price is so good?

Only brand new calipers are used in our kits, which are factory fit for gm cars like Corvettes and Camaros.

These calipers have lug mounts from the factory, so they cannot be fitted on other cars with simple and beautiful mounts like other aftermarket calipers which have radial mounts.

Therefore, we make our lug mount to radial modification for these calipers on our CNC milling machine, which guarantees excellent results.

After these modifications, all calipers go through sandblasting and then new respraying of a color of your choice.

In the end, we are getting very beautiful and usable calipers.

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