Hello my friends! Let’s talk about upgrading the brakes of BMW M-series.

Despite many doubts, BMW M-series cars equipped with quite good standard brake discs. They have a composite floating design, so they work perfectly both on the street and at high loads on the race track.

BMW M-series standard brake disc

But BMW saved on the brake caliper. It’s small, so works well only for city driving, and even then the cars have small and medium power engines (for example, the popular model of the Brembo 4p caliper from Evolution 9 is larger in size). BMW M3/M4 standard caliper is not enough, it can not cope neither with the power nor with the weight of the car.

BMW M-series standard caliper

We offer a set of calipers with 6 pistons for the front axle and 4 pistons for the rear axle, installed on the standard brake discs. The braking efficiency is noticeably increased due to the hot shot Brembo caliper, which uses a 190 mm long braking pad. At the same time, the system remains quite versatile and easy to maintain. In any online auto parts store you will always find a large selection of pads with different compounds for this system, as well as repair kits for the calipers themselves.

190 mm pad vs standard BMW M-series pad

Another advantage of continuing the use of standard discs is the ability to install titanium plates between the pad and pistons to reduce the thermal load on the caliper.

Brembo caliper by Slon workshop

As a result of all of the above — it’s an excellent offer. You can get more bang for your buck.

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