Rotor manufacturing (Brembo GT/Stoptech/Slon workshop). That’s how we do it

When we got our own CNC machine, we have moved towards a new level of rotor manufacturing.

Rotors are completely manufactured at CNC machine — its accuracy provides 0.02 mm run-out. For example, Brembo states accuracy of its rotors run-out of 0.03 mm.

We use blanks Brembo, all coupling sizes of rotors are similar to Brembo GT kit, and StopTech rotors, this allows us to use them instead of worn ones from Brembo kits and vice versa.

Cooling channel width of our rotors is 17 mm — these rotors were tested and proved themselves to be used on track.


On this set, we have made slotting by straight cuts. It is also possible to manufacture rotors with both perforations and actually any form of cuts at the client’s request.

In addition to 355 mm rotors, we also produce 380 mm rotors, both 32 mm thickness and 34 mm thickness for a wide 60 mm brake pad. It is also possible to manufacture rotors of other sizes, on request.

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