BMW F8x M2, M3, M4 Carbon-Fiber Strengthening Wall

A simple, affordable and elegant way to significantly increase torsional rigidity of the chassis is to install a carbon fiber strengthening wall.
This specially designed part for F8x models is suitable for regular versions as well as for M2, M3, M4.

This carbon fiber wall allows you to significantly improve handling and control by increasing the rigidity of the body without installing a roll cage.

Despite the fact that this is motorsport part, it is made with love and attention to detail, pursuing not only the functional component.
In addition to this benefits, the back wall looks very neat, as all the smallest details are brought to the ideal.

Main advantages

  • Exceptional increase in torsional rigidity of the chassis.
  • light weight (1.7kg / 3.67lb).
  • Easy install. No special bodywork required – no welding, grinding etc.
  • Full rear seats compatibility. The specially developed wall design allows to install the rear seats on their original place without any mods
  • Exclusive design adds pure performance to the interior
  • Fits on all versions of F8х, M series and non M

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