The Slon workshop’s DCT oil pan offers professional racing solution to eliminate oil starvation on hard turns and accelerations.

Key features and benefits

Internal anti starvation walls that solves the low oil pressure problem due oil outflow on hard turns and acceleration. When oil pressure drops gearbox goes into recovery mode and this is very unpleasant situation on track days.

More oil capacity thanks to maximized pan height, which you can fit without underbody cover cutting. This pan provide additional 800ml of oil capacity compared to OEM part.

Bundled oil suction pipe spacer extends stock pipe to lowest point of this high-capacity pan.

Much better cooling, compared to OEM plastic and most aftermarket pans due to additional 10mm special form radiator fins, that provide more cooling surface.

Due to its construction oil pan provides additional stiffness to transmission body. Pan designed to fit without gasket and features special sealant notch. Factory thick gasket used only to compensate overheating damage on original plastic pan, so this aluminum pan bolts on DCT body and provides additional stiffness without bending and oil leaks.

All parts are CNC machined from high strength lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy and anodized.

Delivery Package

Basic kit:

  • DCT oil pan (only galvanized version)
  • Oil pump spacer
  • Set of new stainless steel bolts

Advanced kit additionally includes:

  • Special sealant
  • Original BMW M3 e92 GTS banjo-blot solution that increases oil capacity for additional 1L.

Available Colors

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue