Benefits of Using Rear Subframe Bushings

  • Improves handling
  • Strengthens the floor (especially important for BMW M3 E46)
  • Less strikes during gear changes (especially on BMW M3 e46 with SMG)


  • Lightweight solution: 1.3 kg vs 3.5 kg from other developers
  • Easy installation: 2-piece design. Each bushing consists of two parts which makes it easy to install
  • Looks good for a long time: all sets have anodized covering


  • Variant 1: BMW 3 Series Е46 (M and non-M), BMW Z4 E85, E86 (M and non-M)
  • Variant 2: The entire lineup of BMW series E9x, E8x
  • Variant 3: The entire lineup of BMW series F2x, F3x

Upon request, bushings for any car model could be made

Available Colors

  • Red
  • Black