BMW E46 M3 Carbon-Fiber Strengthening Wall

Today, one of the actual upgrades of the E46 M3 is to improving the torsional rigidity of the chassis. For the race cars the easiest way – welded roll cage, but same time this option is not available for a road legal cars.

Therefore, we have developed one of the most effective solution for the street driven cars – Our strengthening wall.

Unlike of the styling “plug-walls” which you can find out on the market, our wall was developed to improve the torsional rigidity of the body and completed as “integrated strut brace”. Same time, exclusive design adds pure performance to the interior.

🔥Our strengthening wall fits with the structural glue to the chassis – same installation way you can find on BMW factory carbon roof or many modern BMW chassis parts.

Main advantages

  • Exceptional increase in torsional rigidity of the chassis by 25%
  • Light weight (1.7kg / 3.67lb);
  • Easy install. No special bodywork required – no welding, grinding, etc.;
  • Full rear seats compatibility. The specially developed design allows to install the rear seats on their original place without any modifications;
  • Original, performance design.

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