BMW E46 M3 CSL carbon fiber boot lid

We are using all our experience with carbon fiber to manufacturing this part.

You can find good amount of replicas, as well as various modifications of “tailed” boot lids on the market. Most of them use fiberglass on inner layers, and the total weight is more than 7kg (16lb).

Main advantages of our boot lid:

  • Extra low weight – 3.5kg(7.7lb). Original CSL plastic boot lid weighs 11.5kg(25lb), same for the steel version of the regular M3;
  • High rigidity. It is enough to use the original lock, there is no need to install additional “racing” locks;
  • Pure carbon fiber on all layers and elements of our lid – absolutely no fiberglass!
  • The hinge mounting points have a design with a large contact area (stress stable);
  • The boot lid shape perfectly repeats the original part and fits with the factory body gaps;
  • Performance design. The cover is available in two versions: respraying ready and high quality clear coat

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