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The Group Buy of the Slon-Workshop DCT oil pan was a success. I have it in-hand. (There was a mixup in shipping, but the vendor was very proactive in helping to solve it, and SYT_Shadow made a generous offer to help solve it even quicker. SYT_Shadow offered to send me his pan because he didn’t need it until June. Thanks for all the help! (A new pan is already on it’s way to SYT_Shadow).)

Ok, this thing is a beauty! It really is a piece of CNC art. I mean c’mon, look at the inside of this thing! It looks like something from Star Wars. I sorta feel bad about slamming it on the bottom of my car…….only sorta bad though… 

And they have nice packaging!!

The internal baffles looks great.

This spacer/suction extender is the thing that I REALLY hope helps solve the oil starvation issues. This will sit on the oil intake and make the system suck oil from lower in the pan. In my opinion, a deeper pan is only part of the solution. You have to do something about the suction coming from all the way at the top. I really hope this has a chance of solving the issue.

Due to the shipping issue, I ended up Skype-texting with the vendor. He fabricates quite a lot of custom one-off parts for their customers. Many of them are not sold to the public because they don’t market them out, but they make all kinds of things—DCT oil line brackets, caliper brackets to make brakes fit that don’t have any other way of fitting, rotor hats….very cool. I only heard of Slon-Workshop when I came across their DCT pan, but they have a pretty cool operation and seem to thrive on making creative solutions. (Slon means elephant in Russian.)

The pan is being installed on Thursday at minicorsa. (I’ll try to get a couple pix.) I’ll be on track with it Friday at Willow Springs. I don’t really have shifting issues at Big Willow, but it will be a good place to shakedown the car. Buttonwillow, where I’ve been having the most issues, may have to wait until May.



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