Big Brake Kit (BBK) by slon_workshop

Big Brake Kit Features and Benefits

  • Only brand new components
  • Pads length – 190 mm. To understand calipers size you can compare it for example with most 6 pot calipers on the market, which are smaller and have only maximum 152mm long pads.
  • Caliper weight is only 3.3 kg after modification done. Bracket – 350 gr. (a typical aluminum bracket weighs 600-700 gr., and steel one is even more!)
  • Caliper uses very common brake pads, so any pad height can be chosen for the best setup. You can take smaller height pads of 47mm or 57mm for 2 piece lightweight rotors like used in the kits; 65mm pads for excellent fit on OEM m3 floating rotors can also be used; 76mm pads for widest rotors like 380mm rotors from f8x series can be taken too.
  • Pads can be changed without removing a caliper — only a center pin needs to be removed.
  • Calipers have dust boots, so they work excellently for an everyday use.
  • Overall pistons area very similar to most of OEM setups, so there are no problems when fitting them.

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